Medicaid Reimbursement Shortfall Filled Through the End of June

This week, the NC House moved to pass SB 797 – Ensure Timely Payment of 2012 Medicaid Costs sponsored by Senators Brunstetter (R-Forsyth), Hunt (R-Wake) and Stevens (R-Wake). After adding an unrelated provision to the bill requiring legislative approval of any proposal for the privatization of inmate medical care, the House overwhelmingly approved the measure by a vote of 113-0. The Senate quickly concurred with the House changes. The bill was presented to the Governor on Thursday and she promptly signed the bill into law. This bill allocates the continued funding necessary to pay for medical claims to health care professionals through the end of this fiscal year. This was a top priority of the NCMS legislative staff. We appreciate the Senate and House leaders that worked to move this bill quickly in order to protect access to essential medical care for Medicaid recipients.


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