Medical Liability Reform Countdown Ends Today

Today is the last day for Governor Perdue to take action on Senate Bill 33 – Medical Liability Reforms. She has told several in the NCMS leadership that she intends to veto the bill. At press time, however, no action had been taken, and the NCMS continues its efforts to ensure Senate Bill 33 becomes law.

Be watching for a Bulletin Alert and updates at on this breaking news story this afternoon.


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  • Robert Hosea MD

    Unfortunately, I assumed she had been “educated” the dire need for reform, helping save our state’s Medicaid budget with an improved tort sysytem helping better allocate limited resources for healthcare,but at the end of the day she is just another politician carrying out the desires of her major financial backers. Doesn’t help her son and prior spouse were attorneys.

  • Martin DeGraw

    She did it. Let’s veto her. NCMS should organize a pact that no NC physicians will treat her or her family ever again. I live in her home town, New Bern. Sign me up. I’ m steaming mad.