Medical Mutual’s Jenkins and Sousa Receive John Huske Anderson Award

In a fitting tribute on the day marking Medical Mutual Insurance Company’s (MMIC) 4oth anniversary, two of its longtime leaders received the North Carolina Medical Society’s John Huske Anderson Award honoring laypeople who have a positive impact on the medical profession.

Dale Jenkins3

A. Dale Jenkins

NCMS President Robert E. Schaaf, MD, FACR, awarded A. Dale Jenkins and David Sousa of MMIC with the coveted prize.

“Over its 40-year history, MMIC has matured into a highly successful, physician-owned mutual insurance company serving states throughout the country. It is recognized and respected nationally as one of the best and most innovative PIAA’s in the country,” Dr. Schaaf said. “Dale and David are the strong leaders who have guided MMIC through this continued growth and success.”

David Sousa

David Sousa

David Sousa, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, has been with MMIC since 1996. He has testified before the General Assembly numerous times on a behalf of the NCMS, and played a critical role in the Society’s 2011 tort reform victory. Currently, he serves on the NCMS Foundation Board of Trustees.

“David can always be counted upon for thoughtful, wise counsel on any issue that touches our membership,” Dr. Schaaf said.

A. Dale Jenkins has been MMIC’s CEO since 1995 and COO for the year prior to that. In his two decades with the company, he has provided vision and strength to both MMIC and the NCMS.

“Dale’s personal commitment to helping physicians succeed in their practices has had a tremendous positive impact on health care access and delivery,” Dr. Schaaf said.

Congratulations Dale and David!


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