Medicare Options Kit Available to Physicians

From mid-November through December 31, physicians will have their annual opportunity to review and perhaps change their participation status with the Medicare program. Given the severe Medicare payment disruptions caused this year as Congress established, and then missed, multiple deadlines to stop payment cuts caused by the sustainable growth rate (SGR), the NCMS and AMA are encouraging physicians to prepare for this opportunity and review their options carefully.

To help you choose the direction that is right for your practice, the AMA has developed the “Know your options: Medicare participation guide.” This kit contains a detailed explanation of the three available options: participation (PAR), non-participation (non-PAR), and private contracting. It also includes a helpful revenue calculator and various sample materials to help physicians share information with current, new, and prospective patients.

Click here to access the NCMS FAQ on Medicare Participation/Opt-out Resources.

Click here to access the AMA Medicare options kit available to all physicians.


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  • One of our physicians is opting out now in anticipation of the pending cuts. The rest of us as psychiatrists must opt out if these cuts occur in Nov and our patients will be looking for new psychiatrists. In psychiatry we are already laboring under low reembursement.