MEDPAC Minute – Senate Passes Budget Proposal

The Senate passed their budget proposal this week with party line votes.  A top priority for the NCMS was the protection of the Medicaid physician reimbursement rate.  The Senate maintained the current rate of 95% of Medicare while eliminating the inflationary increases in the same manner as the Governor proposed just last month.  The Senate strengthened funding for Health Net, aid to Safety Net Community Health Centers as well as a number of preventive services.   Areas of concern include new prior authorization & preferred drug list language for Medicaid prescription therapies and the elimination of payments for CCNC management of Health Choice recipients.

The House now has the daunting task of developing their budget proposal.  Conversations this week have focused on an anticipated additional $500 million dollar shortfall once April revenue numbers are released.  This will put additional pressure on the House to find cuts well beyond those of the Governor or the Senate.  It is important for NCMS members to contact their House Representatives and encourage continued support for the Medicaid physician reimbursement rate.  NCMS will be sending out NC House focused action alerts through the MEDPAC Minute network next week.


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