MEDPAC Minute – State Employee Health Plan Delays Expected

A vote on SB 287 – State Health Plan $/Good Health Initiative (Rand, D-Cumberland) was delayed this week, not once but three times.  Heavy opposition by independent retail pharmacies as well as state workers led to the displacement of the bill from the Senate calendar.  Opponents say that the bill is heavy handed towards state employees. They also claim that the Medco drug benefit requirement will drive small pharmacies out of business.  Word coming from the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) says that a delay in provider payments can be expected to begin on Monday March 30.  Such an event will only escalate the number of phone calls and emails that legislators will receive on this issue.  While the decision that the legislators have to make is difficult, it is not unlike the decisions that thousands of business owners including physicians are having to make back home.  With $300 million needed in the immediate future to keep the SEHP afloat, no solution coming from the General Assembly will make everyone happy.



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