National Call to Action: Repeal the SGR








If you want the Medicare Sustainable Growth rate (SGR) to end, today is the day to make your voice heard.

The AMA has organized a National Call to Action Day today, Tuesday, March 24. Please join your colleagues in North Carolina and across the country by calling your US Representatives and Senators and urge them to eliminate the flawed SGR formula.

Last week, lawmakers in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate introduced bills, H.R. 1470 and S. 810, consistent with the policies established in last year’s bipartisan, bicameral Medicare payment reform bill. Congressional leaders are working together to finalize the legislation. Both the House and Senate must vote on the proposal this week, before the March 31 expiration date of the current patch, or physicians will be facing a 21 percent Medicare payment cut.

Do your part: Participate in National Call to Action Day

Contact your senators and representatives and urge them to support H.R. 1470 and S. 810 in any of the following ways:

  • Call your lawmakers using the AMA’s toll-free Physicians Grassroots Hotline at 1-800-833-6354.
  • Send an urgent email to your lawmakers reinforcing the need for SGR repeal now.
  • Contact legislators directly through their own social media channels, and share your message with your own Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

To bolster your message use these talking points. Visit the Fix Medicare Now website for additional information on effort to repeal SGR and improve Medicare for our nation’s seniors.

Read about the provisions of the bipartisan bill at AMA Wire.


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