NC Dermatology Practice Commends NCMS for Practice Management Services

family dermOver the past several months, the NCMS has featured several practices that have received assistance with meeting Meaningful Use designation from Terri Gonzalez, NCMS Director of Practice Improvement. Family Dermatology of Raleigh, NC, is one of many practices who have praised Terri for her hard work and dedication in helping their practice meet all of the Meaningful Use requirements.

Jennette Cox, administrator for Family Dermatology, stated the following about the services Terri provided:

“Mrs. Gonzalez was instrumental in assisting our practice in achieving the goal of attestation for Meaningful Use. She served as a valuable resource in responding to questions, providing resources that could assist us based on our current EMR, and contacts for those offices that had already achieved attestation for Meaningful Use.

Not only did Mrs. Gonzalez support me by explaining the benefits of attesting our physician(s), she went about simplifying the process (as best as anyone can simplify such a process) by having reference materials ready and knowing where to go to get questions answered as it related to Meaningful Use.

Our thanks go to the North Carolina Medical Society and Mrs. Gonzalez for all of your assistance. We look forward to having the North Carolina Medical Society as an integral part of our practice as we move forward and work toward the common goal of excellent patient care.”

Medical practices that need assistance attesting to Meaningful Use may contact Terri at 800-722-1350 or [email protected]. The NCMS offers consulting services through PractEssentials to assist physicians and their practices with practice management needs. NCMS members can receive these services at a discounted rate.


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