NC DMA Issues Alert Concerning NC Medicaid Eligible Children

The North Carolina Division of Medicaid Assistance (DMA) has developed a policy entitled Off Label Antipsychotic Monitoring in Children through Age 17. DMA says the policy creates a registry to gather information about antipsychotic prescribing trends within the child and adolescent (ages 0-17) Medicaid population of North Carolina.

DMA contacted the NCMS this week and requested that this information be made available to physicians and practices across the state. The use of antipsychotic medications by children is an issue confronting health care professionals, parents, other caregivers and related organized health care agencies across the United States. However, the use of antipsychotic medications in children is not as well studied as in adults, and it is recognized that many antipsychotic medications do not have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved labeling for use in children. There is increasing concern that children and adolescents may be at similar or greater risk than adults for a variety of significant side effects related to the use of these medications.

A detailed description of the new policy with a tab link to the registry is available at, where you also can access an FAQ (Home Tab) to learn more about the program.


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