NC DPH and UNC Introduces HIV Care Call Line ONE CALL

The North Carolina Department of Public Health has teamed up with the University of North Carolina to introduce a new HIV care call center, ONE CALL.

ONE CALL is a toll-free, confidential call center that can be accessed from anywhere in North Carolina. Callers can speak directly to a nurse about HIV care information.

The ONE CALL phone line will provide:

  • A central referral source connecting HIV-infected individuals and providers to HIV clinical care and other related services throughout the state;
  • Nurses trained in HIV counseling, who can assist callers in locating an HIV care provider and scheduling appointments;
  • An up-to-date, comprehensive resource guide of HIV provider locations and available support services in the caller’s local area   

For more information about ONE CALL contact them at [email protected].

Call ONE CALL toll-free at 866-883-1836.


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