NC House CON Committee Postpones Action to 2013

The North Carolina House Select Committee on The Certificate of Need (CON) Process and Related Hospital Issues has been meeting since September 2011 to address issues raised in two bills filed in the House during the 2011 Long Session (i.e., H743 and H812). The Committee’s authority arguably included the ability to scrutinize all aspects of the CON program, but specifically included a provision in the CON law that exempts academic medical center teaching hospitals from the generally applicable “need” limitations of the CON program. As a practical matter, anyone can seek an exemption from these limitations on a case-by-case basis through the petition process, but the academic centers enjoy a standing, statutory exemption from the General Assembly. Also included in the Committee’s authority was scrutiny of the role of publicly-owned hospitals, the certificate of public advantage (COPA) program, and any related matters or matters raised in the legislation noted above. There has been extensive discussion of possible recommendations, but ultimately the Committee determined that continued study of these issues is appropriate. Some action is expected in the General Assembly’s 2013 Long Session. Watch upcoming issues of the Bulletin for details. Click here to view the approved 2012 Legislative Session report.


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