NC House to Consider Licensure of Rad Techs and Rad Therapists

Next Tuesday the House Health Committee is expected to debate a proposal that would offer state licensure to Radiation Technologists and Radiation Therapists.  House Bill 742 would create a new state licensure board for those in the radiation field and would define and in some cases place limitations on the practice of the following health care technicians:

  • Cardiovascular invasive specialist
  • Limited x-ray machine operator
  • Magnetic resonance technologist
  • Medical physicist
  • Nuclear medicine technologist
  • Radiation therapist
  • Radiographer

The NCMS understands and supports improvements in patient safety in our state. However, the licensure and additional regulation of Radiation Technologists and Radiation Therapists is unnecessary and may raise costs for both patients and the state. Read the entire bill here.


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