NC Legislature Expands County Commission Authority Over Local Health Boards

Thursday afternoon, June 21, 2012, HB 438 – Accountable Co. Comms./Expand Loc. Bd. Auth. received final passage by the North Carolina General Assembly and awaits the Governor’s signature. HB 438 includes substitute language that mirrors the provisions of SB 433, which was featured in last week’s Bulletin

This legislation gives county commissions the authority and option to assume direct control of the local health board. This power has been in place for three counties based on a previously enacted population threshold. The threshold has now been removed allowing every county this option. If a county exercises this authority, it is required to set up a public health advisory committee whose membership must reflect the requirements for membership on local boards of health.

HB 438 also establishes an incentive program for public health improvement for multi-county health departments serving populations greater than 75,000.

The NCMS had concerns about this legislation and joined many of our members in voicing concerns to legislators. Our combined efforts contributed to improvements in the bill.


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