NC Medicaid Expects to Save Millions with New Diabetic Supplies Vendor

NC Medicaid announced Tuesday that it expects to save $6 million annually through a sole-source for diabetic supplies. Roche Diagnostic Corp, maker of the Accu-Chek line of blood glucose meters and test strips, beat eight competitors for the contract, which took effect November 15, 2011, and will run for one year, with options for another two years.

The Division of Medical Assistance (DMA), North Carolina’s Medicaid agency, entered a similar arrangement two years ago with Prodigy Diabetes Care. That contract expired November 14, 2011. DMA is working with both Roche and Prodigy on a transition plan that will extend into January 2012.

During the transition period, Roche will provide a glucose meter to the nearly 77,000 NC Medicaid and NC Health Choice members living with diabetes. As under the previous contract, other brands will be available on a prior-approval basis for specific medical circumstances. The meters are free. DMA will pay for disposable test strips, control solution, lancets and lancing devices. Insulin syringes, which Prodigy supplied under the expiring contract, are no longer a sole-source item.


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