NC Medical Board Continues CME Audit Program

In January, the North Carolina Medical Board began a new audit program to verify that physician licensees accurately report continuing medical education (CME) hours.  

The Board randomly selects physician licensees to complete a CME audit form upon license renewal.  Those audited will be asked to provide documentation of CME hours reported at that time.  Documentation for Category 1 CME (provider-initiated) can be as simple as keeping a dated record of your participation in accredited CME programs.  Licensees should also keep a file of receipts or certificates verifying the information recorded. Documentation for Category 2 CME (physician-initiated) can include keeping a list of CME activities and noting the nature of the activity, the date and the hours earned. Medical Board staff will review reported hours to verify that CME is practice-relevant.

The Board currently monitors all physician licensees to ensure that they meet the three-year minimum requirement of 150 CME hours. Licensees who do not meet the requirement are notified that they are deficient and provided options for compliance with the Medical Board’s CME rules.

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