NC Medicare Physicians: Have You Completed Your EDI Enrollment Agreement for Palmetto GBA?

To ensure there’s no interruption to your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services, Palmetto GBA is urging all NC Medicare Part B providers to complete the Jurisdiction 11 NC Part B form. Click here for the form.

Palmetto GBA will begin “Early Boarding” for NC Part B on March 14, 2011. Recently, Palmetto mailed J11 NC Part B EDI transition information to identified Medicare providers who currently submit Medicare Part B claims to CIGNA or have electronic claims submitted on their behalf by a billing service or clearinghouse. Click here to read this information to avoid interruption to your EDI services.

For a J11 NC Part B Transition EDI Application Online Request Form, please click here. This is used to enroll providers, software vendors, clearinghouses and billing services as electronic submitters and recipients of electronic claims data. Remember: you must complete the J11 NC Part B Transition EDI Application Online Request form in order to be assigned a Palmetto GBA Submitter ID and password.


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1 Comment

  • Manfred S. Rothstein

    Thanks for this info. I have tried to get some information from GBA but they are not very helpful.
    We file paper claims and I need to know the new address and when it will be effective (no one at GBA knew the new address). After the cutoff date, can I send to GBA claims with date of service prior to the cutoff, or do they go to CIGNA?
    Thanks for your help.