NCDA Holds Skin Cancer Screening at General Assembly; Over 100 Patrons Screened

IMG_1413On Wednesday, June 13, 2012 the North Carolina Dermatology Association (NCDA), in partnership with the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), sponsored free skin screening for legislators, their staff, and the public at the North Carolina General Assembly. Physician volunteers screened over 100 patrons in six hours.

According to the AAD, less than one-third of Americans examine their skin for signs of skin cancer. In addition, one American dies from melanoma almost every hour. These statistics alone show the prominence of skin cancer within today’s society and reinforces that measures need to be taken to reduce those findings. This event was held to further stress the importance of skin cancer prevention and to expand on the NCDA’s educational efforts regarding the risk of indoor tanning. Several melanoma survivors also visited the General Assembly this week to speak with their legislators about the significance of strengthening indoor tanning laws.

The free screenings consisted of full-body or partial/extremity examinations conducted by dermatologists. Participants also were taught how to perform skin self-examinations and were given resources with information on how to find a dermatologist in their area. The NCDA’s first screening at the General Assembly provided convenient care to those patients who would not typically go for a skin screening.

Thank you to the following physicians for volunteering their time and for supporting skin care and cancer prevention: NCDA Past-President Craig Burkhart, MD, of Chapel Hill, NC, NCDA President-Elect Susan C. Sanders, MD, of Concord, NC, Amy Fox, MD, of Chapel Hill, NC, Lisa Christman, MD, of Raleigh, NC, Valerie B. Laing, MD, of Knightdale, NC, Beth Goldstein, MD, of Chapel Hill, NC, Sarah Wolfe, MD, of Durham, NC, Charles M. Phillips, MD, of Greenville, NC, and David Todd DeVries, MD, of Chapel Hill, NC. 

To learn more about the NCDA’s most recent efforts regarding the risks of indoor tanning, click here. Dermatologists are also reminded to register for the NCDA’s Summer Meeting, which will address new skin cancer treatments, to be held July 13-15, 2012 at The Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, Virginia.


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