NCMS Addresses NCAP Proposal Which Would Expand Immunizing Pharmacist Services

NCMS staff members Chip Baggett, Melanie Phelps, and Amy Whited participated in a number of meetings this week addressing a proposal by the NC  Association of Pharmacists (NCAP) to expand their scope of practice to include the administration of all vaccines (for adults and children age 7) as well as other injectibles (such as Depo-Provara).  To address concerns about access to H1N1 vaccine, pharmacists in North Carolina were granted temporary authority to administer the H1N1 vaccine to persons 14 and older beginning October 9, 2009. That authority is set to expire on July 31, 2010.  Under permanent rules, pharmacists, under a written protocol with a supervising physician, may administer, to persons age 18 and older, the seasonal influenza vaccine,  and the pneumococcal and zoster vaccines, provided they have a physician’s order. The NCMS is opposed to this expansion based on concerns about its detrimental impact on continuity of care.  These and other concerns were discussed at the recent meeting of the NCMS Legislative Cabinet.

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  • May be this is the right time for ALL MD’s to start dispensing medications again in office to save patients time and money. We all should keep 60 _ most commonly prescribed medications in office and sell it to our patients for their copay or $10 whichever is less. if ALL other parahealthcare professionals wants to practice medicine and surgery, then they should go to a US medical school, complete residency and then practice medicine. Instead of getting priviledges by legislation, they should get Education 1st.