NCMS and DOCMS Leaders Meet with Private Practice Physicians

The NCMS and the Durham-Orange Medical Society (DOCMS) hosted the second of two meetings on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at Triangle Orthopaedics for private practice physicians. Local physicians gathered to talk about issues they are facing in their practice and ways that their medical societies can assist. The group discussed ways to make the Society more relevant and accessible to all physicians. They also spoke to potential members in attendance about the need to join the NCMS and DOCMS.

The NCMS Board of Directors will host similar meetings for non-members across the state, with the goal of reaching out to potential members about what is happening at the NCMS and in health care in North Carolina. If you would like to see this meeting come to your community, or for more information on the Durham-Orange meetings, contact Richard Skinner in the NCMS Member Services Department, [email protected] or 919-833-3836.


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