NCMS and Foundation Leaders Address House of Delegates

Presentations were made by NCMS EVP,CEO Robert Seligson and Darlyne Menscer, MD, President of the NCMS Foundation Board of Directors before the NCMS Housed of Delegates today.  Mr. Seligson highlighted advocacy activities undertaken by the Medical Society on behalf of physicians during the past year, adding that the Board of Directors will be assessing future needs in order to address the changing practice environment created by the federal health system reform law.  Mr. Seligson also recognized Carolyn Scruggs, Executive Director of the Mecklenburg County Medical Society, who will be retiring in 2011.

Dr. Menscer addressed programs and activities being undertaken by the NCMS  Foundation in the areas of health information exchange and electronic medical records.  Also being addresses are practice management issues through the Foundation’s PractEssentials program.


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