NCMS and NCHA Work on Responses to Medicaid Budget Problems

The NCMS joined with the NC Hospital Association (NCHA) today to alert physicians and hospitals about the potential implications involving projections that Medicaid spending will exceed budget projections by $150 to $350 million in 2009. The budget problems are attributed to an increase in new Medicaid recipients, increase in utilization of services and a delay in the implementation of cost-saving measures. The NCMS will continue to work with the NCHA to evaluate the full implications of the budget problems and recommend appropriate responses in Washington and in Raleigh to minimize any adverse effects caused by the Medicaid budget. The alert was emailed to NCMS members Friday morning and can be viewed here.

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  • physicians cannot sustain furthur cuts in reimbursement and continue to see medicaid patients when we lose money taking care of them now. Additonally, the handling of claims and the time required for payment to be received is unacceptable.