NCMS Awards Part of 2009 Inauguration Ceremony

Four NCMS awards were presented during the Inauguration Ceremony for NCMS President Douglas D. Sheets, MD, on Saturday night in Raleigh.  2009 award recipients were:

Michael L. Barringer, MD, of Shelby, was presented the 2009 E. Harvey Estes, MD, Physician Community Service Award for his many years of exemplary community service in Cleveland County.  Dr. Barringer was recognized for his many activities, especially in helping to establish and promote safety programs for children and youth in his community.

Drexdal Pratt, Chief of the State Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), was presented the 2009 John Huske Anderson Award for his positive impact on the North Carolina EMS program and for his innovative leadership and team building abilities. Pratt was recognized for developing a statewide trauma registry and for helping to coordinate efforts to obtain a $16.4 million mobile field hospital from FEMA.

Robert Gossett, MD, of Shelby was presented the NCMS Presidential Award for his work on the Board of Trustees of the North Carolina Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan. During his tenure as Chair of the Board, the plan grew to become the seventh largest health benefits plan in North Carolina, covering nearly 30,000 lives.

George Bradley, DO, of Cherryville was presented the NCMS Presidential Award for authoring and sponsoring many of the policies adopted by the NCMS House of Delegates since he joined the Medical Society in 1983.  In the past ten years, Dr. Bradley has written and sponsored 101 Resolutions on behalf of the Gaston County Medical Society. He was recognized for his exemplary involvement in organized medicine.

Also presented in conjunction with the 2009 NCMS Inauguration was the T. Reginald Harris, MD, Award, by the Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence (CCME), to Herman A. Godwin, MD, of Charlotte.  The award honors the life and memory of Dr. Harris, who was a founding member of CCME, and past president of the NCMS and former chair of the AMA Delegation.  An additional story about the Harris Award will appear in next week’s Bulletin.

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