NCMS Helping Physicians to Address New Innovations in Health Care Delivery

Physicians from across the state and region will be learning more about accountable care organizations (ACOs) at a seminar hosted by the AMA and NCMS tomorrow at the Hilton Raleigh-Durham Airport in Research Triangle Park. On-site registration is available beginning at 8:00 am. The daylong event, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, will feature several speakers and a panel discussion, all designed to help physicians and other health care professionals better understand the concept of ACOs and the associated new payment and health care delivery models.

For more than a year, the NCMS has been developing resources to guide physicians in understanding how ACOs and other new models of care will transform health care delivery. At the NCMS Toward Accountable Care webpage, you will find a host of resources that address ACOs and related topics.

More help is available at The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Innovations Center, which was established by the Affordable Care Act to “rapidly test innovative care and payment models and scale up successful models” in order to bring health care improvements at reduced cost. This site offers links to three important programs:

Pioneer ACO Model

Designed for health care organizations and providers that are already experienced in coordinating care for patients across care setting, enabling them to move from a shared savings payment model to a population-based payment model consistent with, but separate from, the Medicare Shared Savings Program. NCMS understands that the revised ACO Shared Savings Program regulations will more closely resemble the Pioneer program.

Advance Payment

Designed to assist emergent ACOs with capital costs.

Accelerated Development Learning Sessions

Provides regional meetings that offer core competencies for ACO development.

One of the four meetings has already been held (Minneapolis, June 20-22). To view videos from the first session, click here.   

Click here to register for one of the following Accelerated Development Learning Sessions (additional information will be provided by CMS):  

  • September, San Francisco Bay area, CA
  • October, Philadelphia, PA area
  • November, Atlanta, GA area

Questions about ACOs may be directed to NCMS Deputy General Counsel Melanie Phelps, [email protected], or 919-833-3836.


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