NCMS in the Media

Over the past few weeks, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) has been mentioned in various local news stories from across the state.

NCMS C.E.O Bob Seligson was featured in a story on WSOC TV Charlotte about the negative side effects that the healthcare community could be seeing as a result of The Affordable Care Act.  Seligson said doctors are telling him Obamacare is just one more reason to leave practice, cut back or change how they provide care. “I think the experience level, when you take that out of the system, it hurts the system… and ultimately it means that the care may not be as good,” Seligson said. Check out the rest of the story and a clip of Bob here. .

Elaine Ellis Stone, director of communications at NCMS, was featured in an article in Raleigh’s News & Observer in a story about Dr. Ben Fischer, a 2010 NCMS Foundation Leadership College graduate, who works out alongside his patients to promote a healthy lifestyle. She mentioned that preventative care like that offered by Fischer can ultimately help in controlling health costs. Check out the story here.

The NCMS was also featured in another article from the News& Observer, this time in a story about the new legislation that would expand the ability of lay midwives to care for women during pregnancy and childbirth in North Carolina. All three bills are expected to face opposition from NCMS. . Check out the story here.


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