NCMS Leadership College Focuses on the Meaning of Leadership

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The 2013 Class of the NCMS Leadership College held its fourth educational session May 17-19, 2013. Robert Seligson, North Carolina Medical Society EVP, CEO set the tone for the session with a presentation on “The Art of Leadership.” Several sessions featured speakers who are alumni of the program including NCMS President-Elect Dev Sangvai, MD, MBA, FAAFP, who lead a session on basic financial concepts for the clinical leader; Genie Komives, MD, Co-Chair, Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership (KIPL), who discussed the art of influence; and Susan Mims, MD, MPH who presented “Leadership PEARLS,” which provided practical communication strategies for leaders.

The class also was  fortunate to have several NCMS board members, including President Mike Moulton, MD, Docia Hickey, MD, Speaker of the House of Delegate and Palmer Edwards, MD, DFAPA, Vice-Speaker of the House of Delegates, give presentations.  Dr. Moulton provided advice to these emerging leaders about balancing work, family and leadership positions. The Speaker and Vice-Speaker walked the scholars through the NCMS policy-making process and the important role the House of Delegates plays in the development of health care policy for North Carolina’s patients.

The scholars also received media spokesperson training from Greenroom Communications where they received feedback on their “on-camera” presentations. Philip Brown, MD, Co-Chair, KIPL, introduced his colleagues Jonathan Hines, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Jeff James, Chief Executive Officer of Wilmington Health Associates, who walked the scholars through value-based health care concepts and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). Dr. Hines and Mr. James provided real world scenarios focused on bringing the health care community together to form an ACO, patient engagement and distribution of shared savings. In teams, scholars worked together to develop possible solutions to challenges faced in each scenario.

The NCMS Board of Directors joined the Leadership College for a keynote address provided by Brad Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Mr. Wilson reminded the assembled group of physician leaders that we all, physicians, physician assistants, health systems and insurers, have the privilege to participate in the beginning of a health care revolution, and that we have the opportunity to affect the revolution disproportionally simply beLC Groupcause we are at the beginning. He encouraged physicians to be open to new ideas; while the physician has the final say in patient care, to work collaboratively; and to think of the impossible.

Scholars were introduced to many concepts over the course of the weekend, but perhaps the most valuable aspect of the NCMS Leadership College experience is spending time with colleagues from various parts of the state who practice in varied settings.

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