NCMS Member Resource Center FAQ of the Week: Cash Clinics

Due to a high volume of questions coming in through the Member Resource Center, the NCMS will provide a Frequently-Asked-Question (FAQ) for its members each week to make them more aware of current medical and health care issues that their colleagues are having.

Q: My practice is looking to open a cash clinic. Does the NCMS offer any resources to help with this process?

A: Yes, the North Carolina Medical Society offers resources to physicians who are looking to open a cash clinic. Franklin Walker, NCMS Foundation Director of Programs and Practice Management, can assist your practice with any practice management needs, including opening a cash clinic. For further assistance contact Franklin at (800) 722-1350 or [email protected].

You can also contact Physician Care Direct (PCD), a partner of the NCMS, who can help your practice transition to and provide cash-only services to your patients. For more information about the services offered by PCD, call (919) 729-5594.

You can also refer to the American Medical Association (AMA)’s “Cash practice alternative: Considerations for physicians,” for additional information.


Have a question? Contact the NCMS Member Resource Center at (919) 833-3836 or [email protected].


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