NCMS Members Talk Reform

Last night (Tuesday July 28) I visited the Harnett County Medical Society monthly meeting.  This society has reorganized under the outstanding leadership of Dr. Shuvendu Sen.  I was excited about the energy and engagement of these members.  They have established a website––and are working on a Project Access program in Harnett County.  At the meeting, everyone was talking about health system reform–no different than any other physician community.  The overal feedback was (1) They want to understand what HR 3200 means to them and their patients and (2) they are “disgusted” (that is a direct quote) by government and regulatory efforts to pit primary care physicians against specialists.  As President Obama comes to our state capital today, watch your email and this blog for more information on health system reform and the voice your professional organization has in the process.

Keep up the good work, Harnett County Medical Society!

Shawn Scott, NCMS Associate Deputy EVP and Director, Member Services


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