NCMS Member “Telephone Town Hall” Meeting Scheduled for Thursday Night

On Thursday, July 14, at 6 pm, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) will conduct a brief live “Telephone Town Hall” meeting to update NCMS members on the strategy to override Governor Purdue’s veto of Senate Bill 33: Medical Liability Reforms. At promptly 6 pm, all phone numbers in our membership database will receive a call and an introductory message with instructions on joining the call. The “Telephone Town Hall” meeting will be very brief and is designed to update members who cannot attend one of the live Town Hall events taking place across the state.

As you may know from North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) communications and media reports, Governor Perdue has vetoed Senate Bill 33 – Medical Liability Reforms. However, the Governor does not have the final word on this issue. The General Assembly is returning to Raleigh to consider overrides of Governor Perdue’s vetoes. Our task is to continue to make our case with members of the General Assembly and to encourage them to override the veto of SB 33. That is our goal. Learn more during tomorrow evening’s call.

To contact your legislator to encourage a veto override, click here.

To report a preferred phone number, click here.


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  • Ray Sullivan, MD

    I did send a personalized email letter utilizing key bullet points to my representatives via CapWiz. Trying to convince those lawyers in the NC State Legislature is a major challenge. They only see THEIR side of the issues. ONLY when their families are affected by the unavailability of services will they personally understand the seriousness of this State’s malpractice climate.