NCMS Members Eligible for PQRS Submission Discounts from Covisint DocSite

Did you know that meeting Meaningful Use requirements does not exempt you from participating in Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)? Most practices already have all the data they need to qualify for the PQRS incentive, but do not realize how easy submissions can be. Physicians who have utilized the Covisint DocSite portal have received thousands of dollars in PQRS incentives with minimal to no disruptions to their workflow.

The incentive for 2012 reporting allows eligible physicians to earn .5 percent of their total allowed charges for covered Medicare Part B FFS patients for the year. Moreover, it alleviates negative payment adjustments in the future. NCMS members are eligible for a $195 submission discount by using code NCMSPQRS12 when submitting through Covisint DocSite web portal.

PQRS, formally known as Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI), generates easy revenue for medical practices by allowing physicians to select and report on a measures group from the 17 CMS-approved groups offered by Covisint DocSite. Inquire about reporting for individual measures if a measure group is not included in the approved groups. Participants can also enter, submit and collect clinical data for 30 Medicare Part B Fee-For-Service (FFS) patients instead of 50 percent of physician patients. This is a HIPAA-compliant database that allows for automated data submission. There is no cost to register or to enter data.

For larger groups (50 health care professionals or more) Covisint DocSite offers a PQRS Enterprise data analysis method. After data is submitted it is evaluated to determine which CMS measures are available, analyzed to determine the distribution of measure per health care professional, and electronically submitted to CMS.

Visit the Covisint DocSite website for more information and to register. Call 866-823-3958 for more information on any of Covisint DocSite PQRS reporting options.


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