NCMS Offers PQRS Submission Discounts Through Covisint DocSite

Covisint DocSite is now offering coupon discounts during the 2011 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) submission period. PQRS, formally known as Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI,) generates easy revenue for physician practices by allowing physicians to select a measures group to report from the 14 CMS-approved groups, collect the clinical data for 30 Medicare Part B Fee-For-Service (FFS) patients instead of 50 percent of physician patients, as well as enter and submit the data using the Covisint DocSite application. This is a HIPAA-compliant database that allows for automated data submission. There is no cost to register or to enter data.

After data is submitted it is evaluated to determine which CMS measures are available, analyzed to determine the distribution of measure per provider and electronically submitted to CMS. The incentive for 2011 reporting allows eligible physicians to earn 1 percent of their total allowed charges for covered Medicare Part B FFS patients for the year.

The following coupon codes can be used to receive a discount when submitting data:

NCMS2011 – Returning providers will receive a $150 discount off of the $350 list price.

NCMSPQRS – First-time submitters will receive a $75 discount off of the $350 list price.

Both returning and new users should take into account that there are changes regarding 2011 PQRS reporting, which include:

  • All 30 patients must be Medicare Part-B FFS.
  • Patients participating in data collections must be seen by a physician within the 2011 calendar year.
  • Providers cannot have zero percent performance for any one measure within the measure group.

For more information regarding current rules and to submit a PQRS application, visit For questions, providers and users can contact 919-256-9500 or [email protected].


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