NCMS Opposes Changes to Quality Improvement Organization Contracting Processes

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) has joined other state societies in a letter opposing changes to the contracting process for Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs). The letter drafted by the American Medical Association is in response to a Medicare Request for Information on the proposed changes.

The objections include that three of the four options outlined in the RFI would replace the current state-based QIO structure with one that is regionally-based.  This would be similar to the Medicare Administrator Contractor (MAC) transition, which caused significant practice disruptions and resulted in widespread confusion among physicians.

In addition to the potential for practice disruptions caused by changes to the state-based QIO structure, the RFI’s process for providing feedback seemed designed to limit input.  Specifically, the RFI was not published in the Federal Register, the comment period was only 28 days, and the instructions outlined in the RFI were very prescriptive and limiting in nature.


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