NCMS PAC 2009 membership year ends on September 30th! Renew today!

The NCMS PAC, formerly MEDPAC, 2009 membership year ends next week so if you haven’t done so already, please visit to join today.  Or call 1-800-722-1350 to make a contribution over the phone.  NCMS PAC is the Political Education & Action Committee of the NCMS.  Your PAC is already making plans to expand on its fundraising and grassroots successes from the last election but will need your help to get this job done.  “We are actively raising money now to replenish our funds in order to be effective in the 2010 mid-term election.  The continued financial support of physicians to the PAC will play a key role in a successful election season and in shaping health care policy in North Carolina, particularly as it relates to access to quality healthcare.” Lindsey de Guehery, MD, NCMS PAC Chairman, said.  Together with the NCMS’s advocacy efforts, the NCMS PAC facilitates future legislative victories which protect your practice and patients.  Thanks for your support!


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