NCMS PAC: Election Year Necessity

Leading up to November’s general elections, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) PAC is fully engaged in research and fundraising.  This election year, it is critical that we help elect candidates who will help bolster the legislative success we have had in recent years

Currently, our adversaries are aggressively fundraising to work toward repealing tort reform, broadening scopes of practice, and putting in place policies that would be harmful to physicians and their patients.  We cannot give our adversaries any sanctuary in this significant election.   

Every dollar raised by the NCMS PAC goes towards candidates who understand and support the legislative priorities of the North Carolina Medical Society.  The criteria for giving are not based on party affiliation, but rather on how helpful that candidate will be to doctors and their patients.   

Please, join your colleagues who support the NCMS PAC.  Without you, our ability to maintain reasonable Medicaid rates, sustain tort reform dividends, and protect patient safety could be in jeopardy.  Your sustaining gift is an investment in our collective strength for 2013.  If we all make a small sacrifice now, we will see shared gains that far outweigh the consequences of being dormant.  

To contribute, you can click here, call 1 (800) 722-1350, or email [email protected] for a membership application.  Thank you for your consideration.


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