NCMS PAC Helps Elect NCMS Members

As the battle for control of the NC General Assembly was waged over the past months, your NCMS PAC has been busy working to ensure that at least some of those elected officials will be NCMS physicians or physician’s assistants. 

Four NCMS members were elected to the NC General Assembly this week.  Those members include:

  • Sen. James Forrester, MD (R, Lincoln) for his 11th term in the NC Senate
  • Mark Hollo, PA (R, Alexander) returning to the NC House
  • Eric Mansfield, MD (D, Cumberland) for his 1st term in the NC Senate
  • Sen. Bill Purcell, MD (D, Scotland) for his 7th term in the NC Senate

Mott Blair, MD (D, Duplin), a long time NCMS Member and CPP recipient, fought a valiant effort but in the end was unsuccessful in his bid for House District 4.


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