NCMS PAC Spotlight: Douglas Sheets, MD

Douglas D. Sheets, MD, understands the connection between a strong PAC and strong advocacy.  As Past President of both his county and state Medical Societies, chairman of multiple committees, and a member of the NCMS PAC, Dr. Sheets has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the issues affecting the practice of medicine in North Carolina. 

Even before he acted as president of the North Carolina Medical Society, Dr. Sheets was actively involved in your NCMS PAC. Through his involvement, Dr. Sheets learned, “how important relationships with legislators are.”  During a recent conversation, he recalled a time he contacted multiple members of Congress and the General Assembly to talk about issues with Medicaid.  It’s conversations like these, he said, that allow your representatives to know what affects a physicians ability to provide optimal patient care.    

It’s important to “help the people that have helped us,” said Dr. Sheets.  This allows us to maintain access and provide better feedback to legislators. 

Speaking on the recent medical liability reforms, Dr. Sheets said, “We won a battle, and one battle is not a war.  The war goes on.”  Recently, our PAC developed a sustained giving model, which Dr. Sheets participates in.  This way, donors can use a credit card to have a certain amount automatically drafted every month.  With sustained giving, we can make sure we are ready for the next battle. 

Less than 6 percent of NCMS members participate in the NCMS PAC.  We are consistently out raised and less engaged than the trial lawyers.  Now, with the passage of medical liability reform, comes responsibility.  Like Dr. Sheets, take your responsibility seriously.  Please, take the next two minutes to make a gift online.  For less than you spend in a month on coffee, you can help secure the future of your profession.           



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