NCMS Staff Embraces Wellness as Part of Employee Benefit Plan

kinetic fitnessOver the past two years, the NCMS Employee Benefit Plan has made dedicated efforts to improve the health and wellness of its members with resources and consultation for member practices. The Plan’s Board of Trustees, comprised of physicians, believes that employers can play a role in helping practice employees make healthy living decisions and lifestyle changes that make a difference in their lives and improve their utilization of the healthcare system.

The NCMS, as Plan Sponsor, is leading by example. NCMS EVP, CEO Robert W. Seligson, embraces wellness initiatives and has put in place opportunities for employees to improve their health. Two years ago, a personal fitness trainer leased space in the NCMS headquarters building. Seligson established an arrangement for employees to attend fitness classes and personal training sessions at a significant discount.

The benefits have been realized in several ways. NCMS employees have lost weight ranging from 5 to 100 pounds. Feedback from employees is that they are more fit, feel better about themselves, are more productive, and have reduced sick leave. Even for employees who exercise on their own and do not access the facility in the NCMS building, there is a prevailing atmosphere of healthier living and support for their fitness endeavors. From a company view, Seligson considers the benefits to be a significant return on investment. 

Other wellness efforts by the NCMS include eliminating soda and snack vending machines; establishing a smoke-free property; and providing health and wellness resources through the NCMS Employee Benefit Plan. For more information on the NCMS Employee Benefit Plan and its wellness efforts, click here.


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