NCMS Staff Moves Up

The next phase in the renovation of the NCMS headquarters in Raleigh is underway. The NCMS staff moved to the top floor of our building at 222 North Person Street this week while the main floor is completely gutted and then renovated — a process that is expected to take up to a year. The building was constructed in 1968 and last renovated in 2001.

A group of key staff members oversaw the movers, who transported office furniture, copiers and other equipment along with the many boxes and crates of important files and documents to the top floor on Monday. Then began the unpacking and settling into the new temporary quarters. Now, if you visit the NCMS office, you will need to be buzzed in at the side door off of Lane Street, and then take the elevator to the second floor. The newly renovated NCMS Foundation offices are on the ground floor.

A significant part of the renovations will take place during the Christmas week. The headquarters building will be closed due to disruptions in phone service and server access.  Prior to the renovations, emergency contact information will be posted in the Bulletin.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the renovations, and please know that these improvements to our bricks and mortar will result in an updated environment in which to serve you.


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