NCMS Supports Doctors in Their Lawsuit To Fix NCTracks

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) issued a statement from Executive Vice President and CEO Robert W. Seligson, on Thursday voicing support for the seven practices that filed suit to fix the faulty NCTracks Medicaid Claims System.

Since the launch of NCTracks last July 1, NCMS has been working closely with the system’s vendor, CSC, to attempt to resolve our members’ issues with NCTracks.  Practices have been struggling financially due to persistent malfunctions with the system.

“We understand, from our own tireless efforts to help our members overcome the system defects, that legal action may be the only remaining option to remedy the harm to the Medicaid system and get NCTracks to function as advertised,” Seligson said. “We believe that NCTracks is a poorly tested, defective and very expensive software product. The resulting problems for the State of North Carolina and its citizens have no doubt been a huge challenge for the DHHS and required additional resources that the department was not expecting to incur. So far none of us received what we were promised.”

Read the NCMS statement regarding the NCTracks lawsuit.

Here is a copy of the complaint filed Thursday morning.


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  • The overhaul is a joke. Our practice was kicked out of the program becaue they could not fit our complete address on the address field in their computers. Were done with it!

  • Charles Davant

    They owe my office about 100 hours overtime. Any chance we can ask for damages?

  • Is there something in error in this lawsuit. It states that $33 billion/year is paid out to 70k providers for 1.5 million Medicaid patients?