NCMS Supports Medicare Patient Empowerment Act

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) has joined forces with other state medical and national specialty societies in signing on to a letter in support of the Medicare Patient Empowerment Act (MPEA). This act would establish a Medicare payment option for patients and physicians to freely contract, without penalty, for Medicare fee-for-service services. It would allow Medicare beneficiaries to use their Medicare benefits, and allow physicians to bill the patient for all amounts not covered by Medicare. 

Representative Tom Price (R-Georgia) reintroduced this bill in the US House last week. Rep. Price is an orthopedic surgeon. The proposed legislation would:

  • Provide patients with more choice of physicians;
  • Increase the number of physicians who will continue to accept Medicare patients;
  • Help address physician shortages by attracting physicians into the medical profession; and
  • Help preserve our Medicare program, along with patient-centered care, for our elderly and disabled patients.    

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  • Sandra Brown

    Although this Act would effectively expand the total number of providers accepting Medicare patients, I expect it to go nowhere. Instead tne government will try to mandate participation in medicare / medicaid as a requirement for licensure.