NCMS Taking Action on Key Issues That Impact Practicing Physicians in the Year Ahead

As the New Year approaches and significant changes impact the health care system, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) continues to work on day-to-day challenges facing physicians in delivering patient care, and we are proud to do so.

Our efforts were validated recently by The Physicians Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that seeks to advance the work of practicing physicians and help facilitate the delivery of health care to patients. Their “watchlist for 2014” has identified five key areas that will have major effects  in 2014 on practicing physicians and their ability/capacity to deliver the professional, high-quality and compassionate care for which they are trained. Those issues are in stride with what we work on here at the NCMS, including medical consolidation, growing regulatory burdens, confusion about health insurance exchanges, health information technology and the future of heath systems.  These issues continue to drive the need for professional advocacy organizations like ours to grow and to take action on your behalf.

At the NCMS Annual Meeting in October, Immediate Past President Mike Moulton, MD, presented a list of the Society’s accomplishments during the year. Many of these accomplishments address the issues above head-on. Our accomplishments continue to grow at the sunset of 2013, including relentless intervention on our members’ behalf on NC Tracks.

Despite the challenges facing our members, it’s encouraging to see our members do what they do best—treat patients. The NCMS has released a Community Report that profiles some of your colleagues and how the NCMS has worked with them to meet the demands of practicing medicine today.  This report recently earned a Gold Medal in the Association TRENDS All-Media Contest. Click here to see the Community Report, or email us to request a copy.

If you are a NCMS member, thank you. We can’t accomplish our mission without your membership. If you’re not a member currently, please join. Or, forward these links to your colleagues and ask them to join. If we can report this robust list of our accomplishments to our members now, imagine what we could accomplish with the support of more of your colleagues.

The NCMS remains committed to responding to the issues and challenges facing medical practice in our great state. I appreciate your support and look forward to uncovering solutions for a better health care system in 2014.


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