New Joint Commission Standard for Medical Staffs Posted for Review

The Joint Commission has revised standard MS.01.01.01 with the help of a special task force. When the revised standard was first made available generally in March, 2009, the NCMS commented that:

“We believe it is crucial that physicians who are members of a medical staff understand their rights and obligations and are engaged in medical staff matters.  The proposed standard and related elements of performance advance this goal.  The proposed standard engages staff members more fully by requiring a heightened level of involvement for medical staff members in the approval and implementation of bylaws, rules and regulations, and policies.”

According to the Joint Commission, the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons, American College of Physicians, American Dental Association, and other interested organizations believe this revised version appropriately articulates the elements of a productive relationship between a hospital and its medical staff.  It also allows as much flexibility as possible in how and where a hospital and its medical staff choose to articulate these responsibilities. Do you agree?  Review and Comment.

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