New Medical Students Begin Training, Bringing New Members to NCMS

NCMS leaders are meeting with first-year medical students at the state’s four medical schools as courses begin for the Classes of 2015.  At each school, presentations are taking place encouraging membership in the respective County Medical Society, the North Carolina Medical Society and the American Medical Association. At the meetings student leaders are speaking about the need for engagement of medical students in decisions and policy that will affect their future careers. At the Brody School of Medicine, Dean Paul Cunningham, MD and NCMS Past President  Charles Willson, MD, encouraged medical students to be leaders at Brody and among future physicians.  Durham-Orange County Medical Society President Tony Caprio, MD is speaking to UNC School of Medicine’s “first years,” and NCMS Secretary-Treasurer Dev Sangvai, MD, is addressing students at Duke.  NCMS members working with medical students are asked to lend a mentoring hand by encouraging students to join. For more information on medical student participation, visit


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