New Webpage Connects Members With NCMS Social Network

Social Media LogoDo you have a Facebook or Twitter account? Or do watch videos on YouTube? Why not join the NCMS on these social networking sites? In an effort to provide more communication outlets to our members, the NCMS is growing its social network. We invite all NCMS members who have Facebook, Twitter, or who frequent YouTube to follow the Society. This is a great opportunity to help the Society grow while gaining information in a timely, effective manner.

To educate and inform members about the benefits of utilizing our social network and how to properly use social media in a professional setting, the NCMS has added a social media portion to its website. To view the webpage, which offers the latest news on social media and means to follow NCMS staff on Twitter, click here. The Society also will send information via dedicated emails and the Bulletin to promote growing our social network.

The NCMS recognizes that there are physicians who remian hesitant about using social networking sites. We understand the concern of physicians and their practices to maintain and protect the physician-patient relationship. And, there are physicians who find social media to be an effective, engaging way to interact with colleagues.  Recognizing the various levels of physician involvement, the purpose of our social media networks is to inform you about current events in the medical community and the NCMS

Look for the Society’s “Growing our Social Network” logo for more information about this initiative.


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