New Year, New Improved Communications!

The Bulletin staff is pleased to announce an upgrade in our member communications. Starting January 2, 2013 our homepage at will be updated daily, Monday through Friday, by 3 p.m., featuring the top news of the day for our members. We also will continue using Twitter for those who like instant updates on the most newsworthy events or information.

The Bulletin will be published every other Wednesday starting January 9, 2013, and contain more in-depth analysis of the news as well as member features, learning opportunities and media highlights. These changes are in response to our communications survey that many of you completed this fall. We hope the more timely distribution of important news and a refocused Bulletin will help keep you up to date without sacrificing the depth of information we offer our members.

For those of you who are NCMS PAC members, you will receive the PAC Pulse with exclusive updates on legislative or election news along with features on PAC donors and their commitment to advocacy for their profession on alternating Wednesdays when the Bulletin is not published.

If you would like to receive the PAC Pulse and you have not yet made a PAC contribution this year, please donate here, or contact Will Barnett at (919) 833-3836.

As always we look forward to your comments and suggestions as we launch this new communications initiative.


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