News and Updates on Influenza A (H1N1) Outbreak

Attention Physicians:
The CDC has asked the AMA/NCMS to help them get the word out to physicians that antiviral treatment of H1N1 infection is not where it should be and needs to be better.

It’s important physicians know that current CDC guidelines do not require physicians to perform confirmatory testing for influenza infection before treating high risk patients who are suspected to have the H1N1 virus infection. In fact, the CDC urges early, empiric antiviral treatment for hospitalized patients and high-risk outpatients with suspected, probable, or confirmed novel H1N1 infection.

Additional information is available at:

Following are links to information that provide guidance and updates on the Pandemic A (H1N1) virus.

Physicians are urged to regularly check and the weekly NCMS Bulletin for special updates and messages regarding H1N1.

Questions or comments concerning H1N1 materials may be directed to Mike Edwards, NCMS, 800-722-1350 or [email protected].


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