North Carolina Bills That Moved This Week

SB 433 – Local Human Services Administration
SB 433 gives county commissions the authority and option to assume direct control of the local health board. This power has been in place for three counties based on a previous population threshold. The threshold has now been removed allowing every county this option. If a county exercises this authority, it is required to set up a public health advisory committee whose membership must reflect the requirements for membership on local boards of health. The NCMS and public health officials have expressed serious concerns about this legislation. The proposal was approved by the House and now returns to the Senate for a concurrence vote.

HB 237 – 2012 Workers’ Compensation Amendments
HB 237 makes technical improvements to the workers’ compensation statutes that were changed in a broad bill during the 2011 North Carolina General Assembly Session. The NCMS supports this bill in part because it makes modifications to require that changes to the physician fee schedule be adopted by rulemaking. This process allows for public input and conforms to the other rulemaking requirements placed on the Industrial Commission in last year’s changes. The bill now goes back to the North Carolina House for a concurrence vote.


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  • Kathryn Waggoner, D.O, Dinah Conti, M.D.

    As pediatricians in Murphy, NC, we OPPOSE
    HB 433, giving county commissioners control of
    local health boards. We have serious concerns
    about entrusting our health care to persons who
    may have no knowledge or expertise regarding
    health and disease management.