PAC Pulse: A Clinic In Advocacy

PAC Pulse: A Clinic in Advocacy

This is an adaptation of the NCMS PAC Pulse, a periodical reserved for NCMS PAC contributors. The PAC Pulse is a bi-weekly publication (alternating with the Bulletin) and features special reports on legislative issues, profiles of political figures and candidates for election. If you would like to receive the PAC Pulse in addition to the Bulletin, please call Will Barnett at 919.833.3836 or make a donation using one of the links below.

Last Tuesday morning, the NCMS hosted breakfast in the Legislative Cafeteria for 117 physicians and group managers to share their stories regarding NCTracks. Over 25 legislators came to the meeting, which was just before the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee for Health and Human Services hearing on the issue. Legislators carefully listened and asked questions about the hardships associated with the problem-plagued system.

Later, in the hearing room, several lawmakers recounted their conversations with NCMS members and their staff. They asked NC DHHS officials, including the Secretary, and executives from CSC, the computer company responsible for building and implementing NCTracks, to explain the problems and how they would be resolved.

The experience was an exceptional example of how powerful the results of grassroots communication with effective legislators can be. When both are working in sync, progress is made and problems can be solved.

This is why the work of your NCMS PAC is so vital to advocacy success. By supporting candidates that understand critically important issues, like the issues with NCTracks, we lay important groundwork for our grassroots and advocacy programs. Your contributions make this possible.

Thank you to the physicians, group managers and legislators who attended last week’s meetings. The conversations over breakfast, the testimony during the hearing, and the questions from committee members provided hope for solutions. More than anything, the entire day provided reassurance that legislators are listening, learning, and helping fix the problems in NCTracks.

Please be a part of our advocacy program’s success. Make a gift of $250 to your NCMS PAC to support the legislators who are supporting us. If you would like, you can give in monthly increments of $20, $40, or $100. Just click the link above, or call Will Barnett at 919-833-3836 to make a contribution. To keep our momentum, we have to sustain our efforts every day.


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