Patients and Physicians Can Benefit from the ICE Initiative

Did you know that on average it can take up to 5 hours and 51 minutes to contact a loved one during a medical crisis? Are you prepared? Learn more about the “ICE: In Case of Emergency” initiative that teaches you how to be ready to face the unexpected. When EMS personnel or hospital staff attend a patient in an emergency, there is often a cellphone with the patient, but there is no way of knowing whom to call. ICE provides a nationally recognized method of contact to solve this problem. Individuals can store emergency contacts in their cellphones by entering ICE 1, ICE, 2, etc.

Tools are availabe to help physicians spread the word about the ICE initiative, including downloadable posters and brochures. Patients can benefit by using the ICE instructions on how to save phone numbers in their cell phones in case of emergency. The ICE image is also available to be downloaded into phones so that emergency personnel can immediately recognize that patients have stored emergency contact information. Individuals can also download medical history forms to make treatment easier for emergency professionals and to reduce risks in treatment. These links can be found in the PRC-Quality section of this website in addition to the links below, or you can visit for even more details and downloadable features.


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