Pharmacists Seek Scope Expansion

This week the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists fought for the House Committee on Health and Human Services (HHS) to hear debate on SB 246 – Expand Pharmacist Immunizing Authority, a bill that would greatly expand the role of pharmacists in our state.

Under current law, the Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical Boards can jointly develop rules for the administration of vaccines by pharmacists. This process has been effective in the past at addressing certain public health needs. SB 246 attempts to supersede a proven effective rule making process currently authorized by the Pharmacy Practice Act.

NCMS members joined the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians and the North Carolina Pediatric Society in taking swift action to oppose this legislation. Legislators listened to your concerns and SB 246 was not debated this week, with the understanding that the HHS Oversight Committee would discuss the issue in the interim, prior to commencement of the 2013 legislative session.

The NCMS will remain active on this issue through the meetings of the HHS Oversight Committee and will keep our members advised of its progress.


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