Physician Assistant Medicaid Enrollment Update

Following a stakeholder meeting last week in which the North Carolina Medical Society played an active role, the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) has announced that the enrollment requirement for physician assistants (PAs), as well as for nurse practitioners (NPs), is being delayed until further notice.  DMA has submitted a State Plan Amendment to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to allow the direct enrollment of PAs. The North Carolina State Plan already allows NPs the option to direct enroll. NCMS continues to urge PAs to hold their Medicaid enrollment applications until CMS approves the State Plan Amendment and DMA clarifies details around billing, rates, and other applicable requirements for these practitioners.  NCMS will continue to provide updates on this issue as we receive them.

Please contact the NCMS Member Resource Center at (919) 833-3836 or [email protected] with questions.


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